Why No other Tattoo Can Beat this One

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Most Expensive TattoValued at $ 924,000, the 612 pieces of .5-carat diamonds creeping like wild vines on Minki van der Westhuizen's back is the most expensive tattoo in the world. Its artists took eight hours to individually apply the diamonds using a specialized water-based adhesive onto Minki's body. 

Yet here's the controversy: the diamond design on the international model and Shimansky brand promoter's back shouldn't have passed up as a tattoo. Everyone knows it's not permanent, and the design was not even drawn using an indelible pigment, henna or ink. Then, what was this fuss all about? Fashion, perhaps. 

Shimansky, a South Africa Jeweller known for its odd diamond-studded crafts such as lingeries, the most expensive soccer ball and now, a temporary tattoo, offers to recreate these luxuries for the wealthy. Its painstakingly creative advertising might as well work. 

Source: Minki Press

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