About Us

expensively.org is your prying lens capturing only the world's most expensive price tags. 

Issa, the writer, and Neil, the web designer and occasional contributor, are constantly on the lookout for the costliest things, events, people, and all other stuff of record-breaking value.

expensively.org was originally the-most-expensive.info, a website founded on February 19, 2011 out of mere amusement of anything ridiculously or remarkably expensive. This fascination slowly grew into an insatiable curiosity that easily turned into a hobby of mining the internet for the priciest things on earth.

At expensively.org, you'll find a huge list of most expensive facts and stories neatly filed under categories. Check out our site from time to time for newsworthy cost trivia to entertain and inform yourself, your friends and your entire community.

The people behind expensively.org.